IRS Tax Attorney and Defense

Everything you thought you knew about justice and a fair trial means NOTHING when you are dealing with the IRS.  The IRS makes its’ own laws as the IRS sees fit.  To some extent, the IRS can be challenged in Tax Court.  The best way to fight IRS overreach is by using the services of an IRS tax attorney licensed to practice in U.S. Tax Court.

Welcome to WEINBERG LAW FIRM, a Professional Corporation led by IRS tax attorney and honorably retired U.S. Navy Officer and former JAG Attorney John M. Weinberg.

Mr. Weinberg is also separately licensed to practice before the United States Tax Court.

As a member of a nation-wide association consisting of over 200 IRS tax defense professionals, Mr. Weinberg is allowed to access the most current tax defense strategies available, from this very important professional organization.

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Weinberg Law Firm is a nation-wide practice (particularly in Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, California, New York, Massachusetts, Minnesota, the District of Columbia, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Washington State, North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia), which practices civil and criminal law, especially trials and appeals.

This firm represents individuals and businesses in IRS controversies, disputes, audits and investigations, both civil and criminal.  We bring all available weapons to this fight against the IRS.  While we have had great success with Offers in Compromise, we can use a wide array of alternatives in helping you reclaim your life.

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