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As a Decorated Navy JAG Officer stationed in California over 30 years ago, Mr. Weinberg actively assisted many military families who had employed household help “off the books”.  While this phenomenon has been quite common, the military had “zero tolerance” for evading employment taxes.  It was necessary to aggressively defend all such persons, current and retired, and resolve those matters so that there would be no finding of fault.  Mr. Weinberg successfully handled in excess of ten such cases.  Additionally, many military families established small businesses in California, which businesses catered to other service members.  Quite often those businesses did not comply with California sales tax regulations, according to the State.  Mr. Weinberg has represented numerous such businesses in sales tax audits.  Again, because of the reality of military service, none of these cases could be compromised.  Mr. Weinberg also represented many honorably retired Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans who could be categorized as tax protesters.

After a number of successful cases, the United States requested that the Navy detail Mr. Weinberg to the United States Attorney’s office, where he was assigned to prosecuting tax cases, as well as other economic crime cases, both criminally and civilly.  Mr. Weinberg subsequently served as both as Assistant Federal Public Defender and Special Assistant United States Attorney.  Because of his strong academic background (a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar at Columbia Law School, as well as Associate Editor of the Journal of Transnational Law at Columbia), and his background in both accounting and computers, he focused on the prosecution and defense of tax and other complex economic crime cases.

Weinberg Law Firm, P.A., tax defense attorney, was established in 1990.  For more than 25 years, Weinberg Law Firm has focused upon representing individuals and businesses in all IRS disputes, both civil and criminal.  This firm also focuses on representing individuals and businesses in economic disputes, especially those involving allegations of fraud or other misconduct.  While no two cases are alike, Mr. Weinberg has had considerable success in asserting mental health competence defenses in defending tax fraud, mortgage fraud, investment fraud, and other fraud investigations or prosecutions.  He has also successfully asserted mental health competency issues to reduce IRS debts.  Mr. Weinberg has enabled many businesses which have owed significant amounts of employment tax to remain open and functioning for significant periods of time while attempting to resolve these pressing obligations with the Internal Revenue Service.

Mr. Weinberg is a member of the Bar of the United States Tax Court and has litigated many cases in Tax Court, which cases have resulted in client testimonials.  Finally, Mr. Weinberg is a member of the Bankruptcy Bar of the Southern District of Florida.  He has assisted many clients in discharging tax debts through bankruptcy, which discharges have also resulted in client testimonials.

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