I have been a Criminal Defense Attorney for many years.  Unfortunately, I fell way behind in filing taxes.  I was served with multiple summonses regarding my banking and other records.  I was represented by John Weinberg.  Mr. Weinberg quickly made certain that there would be no criminal issues or issues with my Law License as a result of this situation.  Moreover, Mr. Weinberg successfully negotiated a favorable Offer in Compromise for me, in which I paid less that $10,000 for $100,000 in tax liability.

L. P., Ft Lauderdale


I am a long haul truck driver, originally from Trinidad and Tobago.  I have a green card, but am not a citizen of the United States.  I have recently been given a 1099, as opposed to a W2.  I fell behind in my taxes.  Because of this tax debt, I was denied citizenship.

I had hired a “so-called” tax expert.  Unfortunately, nothing was accomplished.  I subsequently hired John Weinberg to represent me.  Mr. Weinberg obtained an Offer in Compromise for me with the IRS within 6 months, with very favorable terms.  In so doing, he has removed any impediment from the IRS regarding my becoming a United States citizen.

S.W., Lauderhill


“I am a CPA.  Normally I solve IRS problems for clients.  I had some health issues, fell behind in employment taxes, and was pursued ruthlessly by an extremely aggressive IRS collector.  H wanted me to sell everything and full pay IRS.  He also wanted to pursue my wife for my business debts.

John Weinberg, P.A., forced IRS to allow us to repay our debt over some years so as not to disrupt either our business or our lifestyle.  He also stopped IRS from pursuing my wife.  Mr. Weinberg vigorously fought IRS for about a year on our behalf.  He filed protests, appeals, collection due process hearing requests, complaints to the taxpayer advocate, etc.

The IRS is a bully.  It beats taxpayers into submission.  John Weinberg, our lawyer, went toe-to-toe with IRS and forced it to back down.”

R.M. Parkland


“I owed the IRS well over $100,000.  I had attempted to resolve all of my debts, including tax debt, in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but the proposed Chapter 13 plan failed and the case was dismissed.

Attorney John Weinberg attacked my tax debt with a multipronged strategy.  First, he liquidated well in excess of $70,000 tax debt in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

He subsequently resolved the remaining $60,000 via an Offer in Compromise for pennies on the dollar.  I do not know how he did it, but it was a miracle.”

T.K. Boca Raton


I have been living and working outside of the United States for many years.  Without contacting me, as the IRS did not have my correct address, I was audited and it was determined that I owed a considerable amount of money.  My total US savings and mutual fund investments were seized without my permission.  Attorney John M. Weinberg filed for audit reconsideration on my behalf and succeeded in overturning the audit.  After that, he fought to force the IRS to refund all of the money, which had been improperly seized.  Unexpectedly, I was sent a check, with interest, for the full amount.

If I had not seen this myself, I WOULD NEVER have expected such justice from the IRS.  I am forever grateful for the efforts of Team Weinberg for the “astonishing” resolution of this battle with all due respect to the IRS.

M.D., Ft. Lauderdale, FL


The business which I had founded struggled and ultimately failed during the Great Recession.  I was forced to file personal bankruptcy.  In spite of this, the IRS pursued me relentlessly for employment taxes owed by my former business.  I had tried, unsuccessfully, for 5 years to resolve these problems.

I came to John Weinberg one day before my ability to contest and block IRS collection activity expired.  Mr. Weinberg caught the gap, and protected me.  Within the year, Attorney Weinberg accomplished what my previous lawyers and accountants failed to do over the proceeding five years.  He literally resolved my tax debts for pennies on the dollar via an Offer in Compromised.

F.S. Davie, FL

John M. Weinberg

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